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Combine photos

One of the simplest ways to blend two layers is to lower the opacity of the top layer so that the layer below partially shows through. We do this by adjusting the

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Photo Jargon
I read with interest Phil Taylor's letter regarding the term ‘mirrorless' (Inbox, 21 September) and your plea to hear of photographic jargon irritants. The problem is the industry's reliance on historic references that, with time, become increasingly
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The Micro Four Thirds era
In August 2008, Olympus and Panasonic jointly issued a dry, technical press release outlining a new camera system that would use the image sensor to provide a live view feed to an electronic viewfinder, enabling a slimmer, lighter camera body compare
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News Round-up
Leica has released the Leica M10-P SC Asset. Only 30 editions are being produced of the gorgeous-looking, sandblasted brass camera, which comes with a brass-finish Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 lens and 24MP sensor. The kicker is that you can only buy this s