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The Brothers

Charcoal or pen and ink portraits probably work to my strengths, sometimes combining the two works well. My satisfaction with commissioned portraits is countered by the ‘will they like it?’ anxiety. In this case, the anxiety was heightened by the tight time frame and the fact that the three photos were each around 20 years apart. Two of the brothers were

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min read
Artist’s Hints And Tips
• Always keep your eraser clean by trimming off used parts with a sharp knife. You may go through a lot of erasers for one drawing but the result of a clean crisp drawing is well worth it. • Sharpen your pencil regularly. I tend to be constantly shar
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min read
Emma Hack’s ‘Birds of Prey’ Exhibition
The new collection of limited edition photographic prints from internationally acclaimed body illustrator and photographer, Emma Hack was recently on show at the Frances Keevil Gallery. 'Birds of Prey' revisits her love of combining Australian birds
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Derwent’s XL Blocks Put To The Test
When I was asked whether I’d be interested in trying out Derwent’s XL Blocks I jumped at the chance – what sketchoholic wouldn’t? As I waited for the blocks to arrive, I started to question how different they could be from other similar products on t