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Futurity3 min readScience
Superfast Star Launched From Black Hole At Milky Way’s Center
Astronomers have spotted a high velocity star, traveling at a blistering six million kilometers per hour (3,728,227 miles per hour), that the supermassive black hole at the heart at the Milky Way ejected five million years ago. The researchers saw th
Futurity2 min readPsychology
Magic Therapy Cuts Anxiety Of Kids In The Hospital
A program called MagicAid helped significantly reduce anxiety for both kids in the hospital and their parents or caregivers by about 25%, research finds. The experience of stress and fear upon hospitalization is frequent with pediatric patients. The
Futurity4 min readPsychology
Test Gets Quantum Computers To Check Their Own Work
A new test checks if quantum computers are giving correct answers to questions beyond the scope of traditional computing. It could help make the first quantum computer that can outperform a classical computer a reality. By creating a protocol that al