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The MH Energy-Shot Decoder

bottles at the checkout counter promise so much more than five-hour energy. They’re packed with amino acids (same as fish!), herbs (herbal!), and miracle compounds from the Amazon (exotic place-name!). It’s all very “plant-based” and “enlightened”—buzzwords that will help

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Allergy Symptom S.o.s.
These sprays (including Flonase and Nasonex) counteract the inflammation and other symptoms you get when histamines flare up. Docs recommend that you try them first; they’re effective and tend to cause few side effects. These block some of the effect
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Rapid Fire
Dips. I just like the feeling of holding up my body and how it feels on my pecs. It just feels like I’ve been doing something. Leg raises. I really feel how effective they are, so they’re important to do. But they’re just so exhausting. Live Bruce Sp
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Learn To Dance
LET YOUR PASSION SET THE PACE FOR YOUR PURSUIT. When I was a kid, once people turned 18, they had to get a job. They had to quit skating. The looming sort of reality was that, Look, you can’t do this physically—into your 30s even. So when we started