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The 2020 Jump Start
Start with 30 seconds of jumping jacks, then do 30 seconds of high knees, running in place while driving your knees upward. Then do 1 Spider-Man T-spine stretch (see below) on each side. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat twice. Start in pushup position (a). St
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EVERYONE EXPERIMENTS when they’re young, Carlos Hernandez thought. That’s what he saw his friends doing. Bad grades and a tough home life led him to drop out of middle school, and soon he filled his free time with partying. Even though, in his 20s, h
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Ask The Editors
Q+A WITH THE E.I.C. WHAT’S YOUR view on Pilates for men over 40? —@brianmasefield I LOVE A simple question that really only requires a thumbs-up emoji yet still lets me riff on stuff I’ve been thinking about lately. So right off the bat: Thank you. R