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You probably think it’s pretty easy to measure a dick. Whip it out. Grab a ruler. Get it hard. Have a look. Men do it all the time—62 percent in the MH survey said they had measured it—with a ruler (42 percent) or tape measure (18 percent) or other device (2 percent), whether out of boredom, curiosity, insecurity, or any number of other motivations. Scientists do it all the time as well. Their efforts have generated data on average penis sizes, which many media outlets, educators, and average men take as gospel.

But think for a moment about all the ways you measure your penis and you’ll pretty quickly find it’s be cause for concern, as getting a solid sense of average penis sizes is important for more than just personal interest. Accurate measures may aid in developing better-fitting condoms with lower tear rates or help men with confidence issues who believe their penis is smaller than average. So it’s worth taking a look at when, where, and how some of the most common figures on average penis sizes were determined and understanding exactly how much uncertainty remains.

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