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Active Style : Elevated
About the guy: Ryan Klarenbach (@rynosaurusflex) has 319,000 followers and a feed full of bodyweight acrobatics in and out of the gym. His favorite exercise? “Lateral boxjump burpees. It’s a fullbody workout that leaves me gasping for air and works m
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Lose Weight Now!
Iťs10:30am on Monday and the ItÕs temptations are everywhere. How do I stop myself? I have several sweet, bad things showing-up at my desk. I could give into the temptation at any second. Lunches usually mean me just staring and wanting to devour jus
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WHEN DO GUYS Who Lead Busy Lives (work + Family, Etc.) Carve Out Time For Workouts?
—@mattiley EASY, MATT! Just set your alarm for 6:00 A.M., meet your trainer in your home gym, and knock out a sweat before the kiddos wake up and your wife or personal chef makes you breakfast. Wait, what’s that—you have to be at work by 6:00 A.M.? (