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How To Choose Your Rig
This unit weighs 57 pounds (with an empty hopper, which holds up to nine pounds of pellets) and fits two rib racks. The legs fold for transport, and the machine runs via 12V or 120AC adapter if you’re taking it camping or tailgating, which you totall
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Two Days In A Hot Zone
Intensive-care-unit nurse “YESTERDAY and the day before and the day before and the day before—they all kind of just melt into one at this point. This is my 28th day in a row. It’s just each day you come in and it’s a new crisis. We try to deal with t
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“I saw social activities and things like that as very much an indulgence for most of my life,” Dr. Gupta says. Not anymore. Now he prioritizes them: His house is like Grand Central for his friends, his wife’s friends, plus his three daughters ’ frien