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You Don’t Know Joe

“I’m playing the wolf who killed me in the movie!”

Joe Manganiello yells over police sirens and gunfire as we climb up the steel exteriors of burning skyscrapers and punch them until they explode. We are blasting our way through the video game based on Manganiello’s film Rampage in the Dave & Buster’s that anchors the neon mall on the corner of Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles, and Manganiello is as fired up as a reasonable adult can be at noon on a Wednesday. When he suggested this place for our interview, I was nervous about bursting into tourist Valhalla with a celebrity. But while the fanny-packed sightseers swarm the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame three stories below, our games-and-beer joint is empty. For the past hour, we’ve had our run of the place, flinging Skee-Balls, drag-racing Camaros, and competing against each other as pirates with machine guns shooting frogs.

Standing six-foot-five with the body of a superhero and the face of an aftershave model, Manganiello looks nothing like most of the Hollywood leading men I’ve met, who are almost invariably smaller than you’d think in person. He is wearing a T-shirt with death saves scrawled across the chest, ripped blue jeans, and custom Air Jordan 1’s made of python and alligator skin. I look down at his hands and notice his wedding ring, which is made of Damascus steel and would probably help us demolish these buildings we’re punching. After we lose and move on to Spider-Man, the star of the first movie Manganiello ever appeared in, I ask him what it’s like

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