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I wrote my first book at 75. At the age of 81 and 10 books later, I’m having the time of my life | Susan Moore Jordan

I had a rich, happy life as a musician. But remembering the murder of my friend’s parents in 1954 led to a novel
‘Most recently, I’ve released a third book in my Augusta McKee Mystery series. Book number four is in the works.’ Photograph: Susan Moore Jordan

We all enjoy “milestone” birthdays. At 16, we’re old enough to drive. Then soon after we’re old enough to drink (legally). Then we start marking decades, and 50 is a biggie: a half-century. But for me, the greatest milestone birthday of all was when I hit three-quarters of a century. At the age of 75 I wrote and published my first book, and here I am six years later working on book number 11, and loving this new passion I’ve discovered.

What makes this

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