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Tom Steyer on Impeachment: ‘We Have Won the Argument. Period.’

A conversation with the billionaire activist who has been narrowly focused on removing Donald Trump from office
Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

The billionaire Tom Steyer spent years as a hedge-fund investor, but for the past decade, he’s devoted his life to activism—first focused on the environment, and since 2017, as the leading promoter of impeaching President Donald Trump. Need to Impeach, the San Francisco–based group he founded, is now the largest organization in politics outside of the Republican and Democratic Parties, with a list of 8 million people who have signed an online petition to impeach the president and have been harnessed to make phone calls, send emails, and show up at events to further the cause.

In the month since the release of the redacted Mueller report, and with the Trump administration refusing to comply with subpoenas, the calls for impeachment are growing. This week, —and, notably, one Republican—publicly announced their openness to impeachment proceedings. Steyer was there first. He is an old friend, donor, and constituent of Nancy Pelosi, but

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