No doubt, Italy has it’s particular dose of charm, but for some reason the Peninsula lets us talk about its region only in a certain way. Sicilia, for instance, is the Mafia’s official den, the one pictured in the Padrino movie. Toscana, on the other hand, uses another illustrious example, as the land of the best steak houses and the cove of flawless wine. Venezia, ‘floating city’, is not in need of introduction, as much as the region where it’s located, Veneto. These places are famous to the point of an English translation. Sicilia – Sicily, Toscana – Tuscany, Venezia – Venice, Roma – Rome. Something, as an Italian, that I really don’t like.

Italy, though, is not only composed of these places. What happened to the other regions that are treated with nothing but disinterest? Maybe the answer is hidden behind some form of geographical racism. If there is no information

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