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On The Lamb
“There’s no need to brown the knuckles. Simply marinate them, then gently bake and strew with bright steamed peas and fresh mint.” Serves 4 to 6 EASY Preparation: 15 minutes, plus overnight marinating time Cooking: 1½ hours dry red wine 1
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Pop Psychology?
It’s a simple question, but it often reveals a lot more about your personality than you might realise. New research commissioned by Coravin, an American company that manufactures products for the wine industry, explains that a lot can be said about a
Woolworths TASTE5 min readFood & Wine
8.30am Neil is hunched over the stainless-steel pass, deep in thought. He’s dressed in his customary striped apron, what looks like one of those buffs Survivor contestants wear on his head, army-green shorts, blue ankle socks with a red lobster-print