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Harvest currants as they ripen. If the weather is wet, it is better to pick individual ripe fruits rather than wait for a whole bunch to ripen and risk the ripest ones bursting and falling to the ground.


Sweetcorn plants rely on the wind to scatter pollen to nearby plants. This is why they are usually planted together in a block. In calm weather

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Steve's Top Tip
Sow endive little and often through the summer – a short row every four weeks is usually enough to supply a family of four. The strong flavour and quick growth means that you probably won’t want to have lots of plants maturing all at once. It is imp
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Product Reviews Hoes
This weeder has a wavy dual edge blade which you move backwards and forwards. The push movement traps the weeds and then the pull movement cuts through the weeds just below the level of the soil. The tool head has a width of 15cm (6in) and integrated
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Dahlias were first brought to the UK as a food crop for their tubers, while runner beans were first used as an ornamental climber, producing scarlet red flowers all up the stem (hence its common name, Scarlet Runner). Its funny how things change in t