ropping Time Capsule is the greatest disservice that Apple has ever perpetrated towards its customers. My home has multiple laptops with teenagers that can’t be nudged, cajoled, prodded, or in any way compelled to connect to a hard drive to run a Time Machine backup. Having a solution that worked in the background gave me peace of mind that data was routinely backed up and that machines

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Get Started With… device Tracking
Tracking doesn’t, it’s fair to say, have the finest reputation. Few of us actively seek it out, but none of us can avoid it. The web’s biggest entities keep tabs on you everywhere you go online — something which has been one of the most powerful driv
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Networking Issues
WHAT SHOULD I DO WHEN MY MAC WON’T CONNECT TO THE INTERNET? IF YOUR WI–FI stops working, click the Wi–Fi symbol in the menu bar at the top right of the screen (if it’s not there, go to Network in System Preferences, select Wi–Fi on the left and tick
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Master Notes In MacOS Catalina
APPLE HAS GREATLY improved the Notes app so that it’s now a real contender against some of the paid–for third-party options. A particularly useful improvement is that the search tool not only picks out certain words from scans and documents, it can n