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When I captured this aerial shot, I was travelling through Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands. All of my drone batteries were flat and I thought I’d finished taking pictures that day. I

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Choosing A Lens
Lenses come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s the focal length, the quality of the glass and the size of the maximum aperture that determine how large and heavy the lens is – and how light it will make your wallet. As highlighted on the previous page
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Reader 1 Camera: Nikon D750 Location: New Zealand We’d like to think that Digital Camera has enough pull to attract Shootout participants from Australasia, but Rachel was actually visiting family in her mother country. She does buy the magazine in Ne
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Mounting Options
Some SLR lenses are badged ‘digital only’, which means that they are designed for cameras with smaller APS-C sensors. For example, Nikon’s range of full-frame cameras and lenses are called FX, and the APS-C range is DX. Most FX lenses can be used on