And a Cartoonist Shall Lead Them


“Warrior’s Wake”, by Steve Barilotti SURFER Volume 33, Issue 1

“Rick, like the rest of us, was on a mission to turn on the world. I dug Rick’s stuff because it related so well to my own psychedelic experiences.”
—Jerry Garcia

It’s really hard to measure the impact of a single individual on our sprawling mass of a surfing culture. Yeah, Kelly Slater sold a million pairs of boardshorts and Tom Curren taught us what it meant to live as

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Returning To The Well
It was mid-morning in the sleepy Mexican village of Barra de la Cruz and the streets were empty, save for the occasional stray dog and surfboard-toting gringo, the latter surely on their way to the same nearby pointbreak that we were heading to. Jon
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Places We're Going, Places We've Been
“We’d all paid our dues at various frontiers,” wrote Southern California surfer Kevin Naughton in a dispatch from Africa published over the course of three issues of SURFER Magazine in 1975. Or was it Naughton’s traveling partner, Southern California
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Flashback To The Summer Of ‘69
The Shortboard Revolution began in 1967 when longboards reigned supreme and over the next 2 years, board lengths dropped from 10-foot tankers to 7-foot “mind machines”. Such was the era of hippies, psychedelics and anything goes. The designs that def