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The Art Village Of Indonesia
On the outskirts of the Indonesian city of Malang are two slum villages called Jodipan and Tridi. They were nothing special, somewhat scruffy and only remarkable for being among the poorest villages in the country and having a polluted river, choking
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An Artist’s Guide to Taking the Ultimate Selfie
Never in history have so many people created so many images of themselves. But the selfie isn’t new. The first known example dates to December 1920 when five gentlemen lugged a camera the size of a briefcase on to a New York rooftop. It took two of t
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The Golden Ratio
What links the Mona Lisa’s nose, the Cathedral of Chartres, the most pleasing arrangement of a rectangle and – to give one of the more surprising examples found in nature – the magnetic resonance of spins in cobalt niobate crystals? The answer is the