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Betjeman Poetry Prize
Where do you like to write? Anywhere outdoors. Nature is calming and peaceful so it’s easier to really concentrate, but at the same time it’s inspiring. Last year at the Betjeman Poetry Camp we spent five days living in tents in the grounds of Wadde
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Eoin Colfer
How do you see the twins changing throughout the books? It was funny for Artemis – I really didn’t envision having a series on my hands so it was OK for him to be quite two dimensional, in that he would be the bad guy, and that he would be slightly
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Guest Editor Celia Rees
What do you love about being an author? That’s a really hard question because writing is just what I do. I can’t imagine life without it, so it’s a bit like asking ‘What do you love about breathing?’ I know it has made my life far richer, not in a m