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The Last X-Men Movie Was Doomed to Fail

Dark Phoenix draws from epic source material, but the momentum drained out of this particular series long ago.
Source: Fox

When was released, in 2000, the idea of a comic-book “cinematic universe” wasn’t even a glint in the eyes of Marvel executives. Superhero movies in general were a box-office gamble, the kind of project that stars and big directors tended to avoid. But in the 19 years since, the movie franchise (owned by 20th Century Fox) has released 12 films, seven in the main series and five Wolverine- and Deadpool-focused spin-offs. Some have been , some , and plenty have fallen somewhere in the middle. , which will likely be the last with 20th Century Fox folds the enterprise into the former’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, makes for an underwhelming finale. The movie is a mostly bad, self-serious rehash of story arcs that have been put on film before.

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