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How Sports Change People’s Lives: 5 Amazing Stories

How Sports Change People's Lives: 5 Amazing Stories, by Justin Osborne. Photograph of youth soccer goal by Glen Carrie
Photograph by Glen Carrie

From learning teamworking skills to providing an outlet for growth, playing sports provides great potential for positive change

For some of us, sports areabout having a healthy body and a healthy mind. For others, sports are their only hope to get out of their low-profile existence. Alex McCain, CEO at, emphasizes that …

“Sports can create a fruitful environment for teenagers and adults alike. They challenges your mind, your body, and develops the skills you will frequently leverage later on in your life.”

Here are 5 inspirational and motivational stories about people whose lives were changed by sports: 

1.    Neymar Jr.

Born in 1992 in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil, Neymar grew up in a very poor environment playingfootball (soccer) on the streets and beaches close to his home.

His family was so poor — he had to go to the worst schools in the neighborhood, they couldn’t afford electricity,

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