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Between innocence and experience

One single, bloody event transforms the life of Poomani's child protagonist forever.

At the centre of Poomani's novel, Heat, is Chidambaram, a boy who, in an act of daring and planning beyond his years, strikes down his elder

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PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI’S PENCHANT FOR alliteration is well-known. Among his favourites is 2S: Speed and Scale. He is fond of saying that if the previous governments thought speed was a luxury and scale a risk, he as prime minister made “speed t
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We Want 'Bank Of Baroda Rashtrabhasha Samman' To Be A National Institution
Speaking to India Today, Mr. Sanjiv Chadha, Manag· ing Director & CEO, Bank of Baroda said "India is a diverse country - a melting pot of cultures, religions and languages. And in its diversity lies its strength and distinctiveness. We believe that t
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EDUCATION FACED ITS BIGGEST TEST ever when Covid-19 crept up on humanity with little warning. The transition to online learning had to take place almost overnight. India rose to the challenge commendably, given the enormity of the crisis. However, as