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1 In New York’s most recent issue, Alice Hines revealed how the misogynistic young men who call themselves incels (for “involuntarily celibate”) are going under the knife to alter their faces and, they hope, their dating prospects (“How Many Bones Would You Break to Get Laid?,” May 27–June 9). The actor Jimmy Wong called the story “eye-opening.” Amanda Marcotte tweeted, “The inclusion of photos that incels post of themselves is super-helpful … It removes all doubt that their actual

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Beauford Delaney, Black And Gay, Very Nearly Disappeared From Art History.
“HE IS AMAZING … this Beauford,” the novelist Henry Miller wrote of his lifelong friend Beauford Delaney in a 1945 essay that helped make the painter (whom Miller called a “black monarch” capable of making “the great white world … grow smaller”) a le
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Dated Disrupters
EVERY DECADE GETS at least one Broadway juggernaut. In the theater in the 2010s, we had two. In 2011, The Book of Mormon roared into town to universal acclaim, immense box office, and—crucially—stamina. This thing had legs, it had guts, it had the to
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Working Out, In
IF THE EARLY 2010s ushered in the boutique-fitness boom (expensive spinning classes, studio locker rooms stocked with high-end skin-care products, and the rise of ClassPass), then the latter half of the decade brought the smart home gym. Beyond Pelot