Like jargon everywhere, most nautical words and terms serve practical purposes. They allow the use of one or two words to replace a long description. For example, it’s easier to type “planing” than “it is fast enough to create dynamic lift and skim across the water’s

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Alcohol Poisoning
American boaters have an alcohol problem. Not too many beers in the fish box, but rather the scourge of ethanol delivered as E15—fuel that’s 85 percent gasoline and 15 percent ethanol—being pumped into boat fuel tanks. E15, or Unleaded 88, was approv
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Electric Trailer Winches
Select a model rated for the weight of the boat, if not more. Powerwinch, for example, offers models with capacities ranging from 4,000- to 11,500-pound boats with a single cable setup. Double-cable pulley-block assemblies double the pulling capacity
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Going Rogue
For centuries, mariners have described encounters with massive waves that reared up out of nowhere. And until recently, scientists disputed the existence of such waves. Today, technology such as satellite radar have proven that rogue waves exist. The