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Unfolding stories: Thirty years of Willunga Waldorf School

Stories are at the heart of Waldorf education. Learning happens through stories, rather than alongside them. Through story, abstract concepts are brought to life, fuelled by each student’s imagination.

In 2019, two significant stories are converging at the Willunga Waldorf School: Willunga Waldorf’s thirtieth birthday in March and the centennial anniversary of the first Waldorf school opened in Stuttgart, Germany in September 1919. These two parallel milestones offer an opportunity for the local Waldorf community to reflect on and connect with their own history, as well as their place in the wider Willunga community and in the global Waldorf movement.

The Waldorf approach to education was developed by Austrian scientist and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. The curriculum, which emphasises imagination, creativity and the arts alongside

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