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Boating Butterflies

’ve been on boats my whole life, worked as a professional captain and traveled thousands of nautical miles, yet I still get a little nervous each time I head for open water. There, I admitted it. And you know what? It feels good to let others in on my secret. And just in case you feel the same way,

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Power & Motoryacht3 min read
Hard Times
Not so long ago, I was kicked back—well, to be more accurate, I was darn near laying down—in my favorite living room chair, burning through yet another bag of Cheetos when a cold shiver of suspicion went up my spine. Not that I’d wanna take much cred
Power & Motoryacht8 min read
I Am the Walrus
How many times have you lost your keys? Your wallet? A purse? Passports, earrings, headphones, socks, that old beaten-up cooler, passwords, bottle openers: they all ebb and flow on a mysterious, absentminded tide in and out of our lives. That’s becau
Power & Motoryacht7 min read
The Salt And The Sea
Martha’s Vineyard has a skunk problem. For generations, locals have sworn the animals are a non-native pest. But then how did they get there? Some blame longtime Vineyard Haven resident Craig Kingsbury, who was old enough to remember when the norther