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Your high-fidelity audio dreams are about to come true… if you have the cash to spare. Bowers & Wilkins’ dreamsome new Formation Suite wireless multi-room system is dressed to kill and promises a sound to match. The five products that comprise the Formation Suite are all very different beasts, with each standing out in its own unique way. They all talk to each other through Bowers & Wilkins’ own patented wireless mesh network – separate to, and unhindered by, your home Wi-Fi system – so they should deliver perfect synchronicity, with a meagre one-microsecond time lapse as they stream audio between themselves.

The range comprises the Formation Bar (three-channel high-fidelity home theatre system), Formation Bass subwoofer, Formation Wedge (countertop speaker), Formation Duo (active stereo speaker pair) and Formation Audio (an audio hub you can use to plug any music source into the system, such as a turntable or CD player).

Capable of streaming audio in high-fidelity 24-bit resolution,

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