Being yourself: the role of your life

The story of Oscar Wilde did not end happily. Once lauded on the London stage and feted by society, he suffered the fate of languishing in jail after publicly declaring his love for a man—which was, at that time, deemed a crime. His tumble from grace was irrevocable and he ended up impoverished in Paris, dying at only 46. Being himself cost him everything including his life but living a lie had become unbearable. He could not deny his truth.

This story is not an unfamiliar one for many people, even in this day and age. The anguish of knowing who you are but pretending to be something else for fear of scorn or rejection can end in tragedy. Whether it is society or on a much smaller scale with friends or family, revealing your true self can be the toughest act you can do. Ironically, it can be hardest with those you love.

It takes courage to live your true life, especially when it comes to identity, sexuality or following cultural norms. How often do we see young people forced into studies or careers, trying to live up to parental expectations only to break out later or, worse

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