Our winning letter this month is from Graham Lindemann, one of the Bro’s we featured last year as they built up an old Jeep - using the resources, talents and expertise of many local 4x4 fitment centres and suppliers. It was a showcase for what’s possible right here, but, in this instance, that’s not the point. Graham’s point is that when

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SA4x48 min read
As an avid reader of SA4x4, I sometimes wonder at how nit-picky some people can be. I refer to the article in the Forum of the February edition, titled “Bakkie Oversights” on page 6. One sometimes has mishaps that you cannot avoid. For argument’s sak
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Auto Perfection?
It’s hard to argue against a brand new, top-spec double cab with all the latest bells and whistles for the same price as a five-year-old Hilux with 100 000km on the clock. That’s precisely where Mahindra fits into the picture. This company, which now
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Travelling and exploring what lies beyond the horizon has been in my DNA for as long as I can remember. These adventures have taken me to many wild and wonderful places on the four continents where I have worked and lived. Off-roading was an early at