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No Longer All Sweetness and Light

It’s been only 16 months since Zendaya took her final bow on the Disney Channel, but her new HBO series, “Euphoria,” makes one thing clear: The parent-approved portion of her TV career is already ancient history.

In the series, debuting Sunday, Zendaya stars as Rue, a high school junior committed to numbing herself with vodka and whatever drugs she can get her hands on, after a failed stint in rehab. Between bouts of unconsciousness, she narrates a dark, graphically depicted world in which the local dealers have barely hit puberty, fentanyl is rampant and her classmates’ sex is not only casual but frequently documented. “It’s 2019: Nudes are the currency of love,” Rue explains in the first episode.

Based on the Israeli series of the same name and executive produced by Drake, “Euphoria” is a rare foray into teen drama for

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