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A Tropical Retreat
A house becomes a home when the inhabitants feel the sense of belonging and is customised to their specific needs. The brief we got from the client was—raw, rustic and down to earth. So, we decided that we wanted to design the home is such way that t
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“If Things Don’t Improve In A Few Months, We’re Heading For A Big Collapse”
Kothari’s KGK Diamonds, established in 1905, has branches in 20 countries and employs over 10,000. Also the owner of the Entice retail brand, Kothari says: “This time economic uncertainty has been made worse with a health scare.... There is total unc
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No Takers For Chinese
With the COVID-19 scare all over, Peter Tseng says bookings at his restaurants in Kochi and Gurugram have halved the last week. Bad times need drastic measures, and menus are being changed and marketing is on overdrive to revive faith in public dinin