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How To Prevent A Breakdown
The decision that Narendra Modi took on March 24, 2020—to impose a total lockdown in the country—will go down as among the most important prime ministerial acts since Independence. Never before in human history have a billion-plus people been forced
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Force And Composure
My friendship with Satish Gujral feels eternal—did I know him for fifty years, or a thousand? I first met him around the early 1960s. S.H. Raza, who had already won the Prix de la Critique, visited his show, and we all wanted to know what this establ
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“Let Someone Eat It”
Every morning, many farmers in Sanjegaon now empty out crates of tomatoes and fresh cucumbers for their cows and buffaloes. The rabi harvest has been good here, but there are few takers for the produce, so they feel it’s better to feed the livestock