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6 Peas In A Pod
A space doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful, says David Krynauw. “ Carefully considered and well-crafted design can add value to a small space. This permeates into the mind of the occupant which, in turn, creates a sense of wellbeing,” he explains
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Big Space Energy
The four-roomed house is ubiquitous in townships everywhere in South Africa. It is the home that my father’s father built in Galeshewe, Kimberley, which got added to from time to time during my childhood as the bathroom finally moved inside. When my
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What is your favourite piece of design of the 21st century so far, and why? The Glass Tea House Mondrian, created for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 by Hiroshi Sugimoto. It is pure architecture – an experiment with pavilion typology that fuses