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Is the Japanese-market RZV500R – and other imports – less valuable than the home-market models?

The RZ with its ‘hand-crafted’ aluminium frame, restricted motor, gold wheels and self-retracting sidestand, is the holy grail of road-going Yamaha two-strokes. Yes, there’s an irritating red light that confuses the rider when it comes on at 55mph, eliciting fears that your two-stroke oil tank has run dry, but this can easily be disarmed and the bike can be derestricted so you can enjoy the

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Super Stafford!
There is so much to look forward to at this year’s 26th Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics show. We have no less than TWO guests of honour for this show – Allen Millyard and Steve Webster. Allen is no stranger to either the show or CMM. He’s
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Yamaha RZV500R part 2 Fool’s Gold!
As I write this I’m a little peed off as I feel that my mate got ripped off buying this RZV. He is well known as a bike collector, with bikes in various museums, garages, shops and at home. He is a hard-working, honest person that trusted the dealer
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K2 Conquered!
Well, finally the end is in sight with my CB750K2 with this, the second part of the clutch replacement/sorting. With the clutch dismantled we can now look at the clutch-quietening mod, which applies to the earlier (pre-K6) CB750 models. Looking at