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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min read
The Way We Were…
Tim Jones writes: I thought I’d share some happy memories with CMM readers. Picture one is our bikes at the Isle of Man in 1982. The CB900 was Rob Davies', the GL1100 mine and the CX500 was brother Robin's. Picture two is Rob Davies' Sportster; pic t
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics4 min read
Coping with Covid-19
The social and economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will clearly be seen and felt for decades to come, but we at CMM wanted to get a snapshot of what effect it has had on our hobby and, for some, their livelihoods. At the centre of our industry
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min read
Bertie’s ZRX1200R!
Hello there Bertie! So, CMM popped through the door yesterday and I must say you have improved it since you came on board, hence my renewed subs at Stafford recently. Anyways, I still won’t be selling you ‘your’ old ZRX1200R back, but I can do you a