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Millenneagram: A Badass Twist on an Ancient Tool of Self Discovery

Millenneagram: A Badass Twist on an enneagram, an Ancient Tool of Self Discovery; by Hannah Paasch. Photograph of Hannah Paash by Nicolette Lovell
Photograph of the author by Nicolette Lovell

A revamped spin on the Enneagram that helps us be our truest, enough-as-is, badass selves


Where does your knowing come from? 

Is it your gut that alerts you to information that others are oblivious to? Is it the wealth of information you’ve amassed through reading (and let’s be real here, it’s 2019, binge-Googling)? Or are you led by your emotional center, spurred on to both love and chaos by the tides of your feels? While clearly the lines blur because we’re human — I’d like you to consider the source. Most of us have a center from which we live and work, plan and play, dream and dramatize. 

We are quick to misunderstand those of

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