As the graphite grey Cigarette Racing 41’ AMG Carbon Edition pulls away from the dock, captain Bud Lorow engages the engines. Shifting the center console boat into gear, a shudder coils through the fiberglass and carbon fiber composite hull — portending something special, and perhaps a little bit terrifying, is afoot. The vessel makes its way through Biscayne Bay, the white and turquoise skyline of Miami in front, mangrove to the right. From this vantage point Magic City resembles the jaw of a giant dragon with pearly asymmetric teeth.

After we pass under the Rickenbacker Causeway and enter open water, Lorow turns. “Ok y’all ready?” he asks, grinning widely. The veteran champion racer confidently pushes the throttle forward and the vessel lurches to life. One more push and I’m holding

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