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Twenty-five things to see, hear, watch, and read. JUNE 26–JULY 10


1. & 2. See Belle and Sebastian and Relisten to How to Solve Our Human Problems

At their best.

Brooklyn Steel, July 10; Matador.

The Scottish indie-pop vets make plush, smart songs about fascinating people falling in and out of love. Their 1996 If You’re Feeling Sinister is a cult classic, and they’ve gotten looser and stranger since. Last year’s Human Problems harks back to the group’s fruitful early years in form but not so much in style, incorporating aspects of funk, soul, psych, and house music. Enjoy a band at ease with a wispy folk tune, a glam-rock stomper, synth pop, and more. CRAIG JENKINS


3. Read The Need

Don’t tell Mama.

Simon & Schuster, July 9.

Plotted like a thriller but seemingly born of a ménage à trois among an Italo Calvino novel, a mommy blog, and Shirley Jackson’s “domestic memoirs,” Helen Phillips’s surrealistic story about an intruder in a young mother’s home is the new novel moms will be passing around like illicit candy, says Vulture’s Hillary Kelly.


4. Watch Divorce

Growing apart together, season three.

HBO, July 1.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden

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