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From the Village to the World

In 1969, New York missed the Stonewall rebellion. But in the five decades since, we’ve covered the changing shape of LGBT life.

September 24, 1973

“How ‘Gay’ Is New York?”

“It may be reasonable to estimate, then, in an admittedly rough sort of way, that upwards of 500,000 New Yorkers (but probably fewer than 750,000) are, or will grow up to be, predominantly gay. Well over a million more, judging from Kinsey’s study, have, or have had, more than incidental homosexual desires or experiences. And then there are perhaps a million straight New Yorkers who are, without necessarily realizing it, the parents, siblings, or even the children of predominantly gay New Yorkers.

“Yet for all that presumed interest in the subject, knowledge and acceptance of homosexuality by the average New Yorker remains quite limited. The subject remains largely taboo. ‘The gay world’—as though all the gays were reassuringly segregated into their own world—is thought of by many as a strange, possibly quaint, possibly threatening colony of artsy-craftsy Greenwich Villagers, suitable

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