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Online Privacy Is a Right, Not a Luxury

Weeks after pitching this story to my editor, I had the disorienting experience of seeing a near-identical headline in the New York Times penned by none other than Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Great minds think alike, and I believe Pichai is on the right track. People have started to demand better privacy protections, and we hold companies accountable for failing to protect our privacy. The problem is, I don’t believe Pichai goes far enough.

When we don’t view privacy as a right, it becomes a checkbox on a laundry list of exorbitantly priced features. When that happens, the entire industry fails the consumer. Pichai calls for legislation and smarter data-gathering practices, but what we really need is a total overhaul of the internet led by companies such as Apple and Google.

Granted, there’s always been a certain

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