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Viewpoint John Gilbey

Your first photographic purchase after the camera itself is often a case to carry it in. There was a time when this was easy, with most manufacturers offering what was laughingly called an Ever-Ready Case (ERC) for most of their models. They weren't, of course, ever-ready. Thousands of snatched images from pre-SLR cameras, many of them mine,

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Honouring A Victorian Travel Photographer
BACK in 2017, we ran a feature on the Scottish Victorian travel and social documentary photographer John Thomson (1837-1921), who was the first person to photograph Angkor Wat; he also took stunning images of China's Qing Dynasty. We reported at the
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Taking The Lead
Dogs will listen to your woes, lift your spirits, and provide endless opportunities for pictures. It’s no surprise, then, that the 2019 Dog Photographer of the Year competition attracted more than 7,000 entries. Founded in 2005 by the Kennel Club, th
Amateur Photographer2 min readTech
Lab Results
Andrew Sydenham’s lab tests reveal just how the camera performs Our cameras and lenses are tested using the industry-standard Image Engineering IQ-Analyser software. Visit for more details. With its 24-million-pixel full-fra