Coming off your scooter is not the nicest of things to happen, but from time to time it can happen. Even something simple like sliding off on diesel or grit in the road can do damage. Paint work may get scratched or a footboard dented, which are easy to notice. However, other damage can happen, which at first glance isn't so easy to spot or is hidden. These can have an impact at a later date, so even if you have had the slightest of accidents it is always best to fully inspect your scooter afterwards. For the benefit of this article we will be using the Lambretta, but the same principles apply to the Vespa or any other scooter for that matter.


The most fragile part of the Lambretta in an accident is the headset, primarily because it is made from aluminium. Even a small impact can cause the headset bottom to crack so that is the first place to inspect. Usually, this will occur between the light switch housing and the main body of the headset or on the opposite side from the gear control. Sometimes it will be a faint hairline crack so run your hands along to check, especially if the headset is painted in a dark colour as it

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