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Carole Wright from South London was so fed up with the tarmac outside her block of flats not being used that she set up a community garden.

Following the introduction of a few simple flowerbeds, a communal shed and

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Kitchen Garden2 min read
Something Different?
If you like spinach but want to try something slightly different, there are other types of ‘spinach’ which are pretty easy to grow in the veg garden. Tree spinach (Chenopodium giganteum) is related to ‘Fat Hen’ which is classed as a weed on most plo
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You will feel nothing but 100% healthy and good after eating this satisfying Buddha Bowl. Lots of colour and texture make for a happy feeling dish! SERVES 2 Preparation time: 35 minutes Cooking time: 35 minutes ■ 1 mug of brown rice, cooked to p
Kitchen Garden2 min read
Buy A Bed
If you prefer to buy your raised beds there are many out there to choose from. Here is just a selection. The Raised Bed and Pond Company sells a great range of beds in various sizes. They are built using 150mm by 22mm (6 x8/10in) timbers with the cor