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We all love a neat row of vegetables. There are times, however, when things don’t go to plan: crops fail, pests win the battle. Then there’s the hungry gap when, unless your planning has been meticulous and you have been lucky with the weather, there is little to harvest. There is an answer to this situation – eat the weeds!

Weeds are, by definition, vigorous plants that grow themselves. There is a long tradition of eating wild plants, but it was associated with poverty, and once the supermarkets arrived, bringing cheap food, such knowledge died out. The tradition survives in places in

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Garlic Mania!
Nearly every meal has garlic added to my dishes, so naturally year on year the number of cloves sown has increased. My first vegetable ever to be grown (by my then fair hands) was garlic. To be honest, I was overwhelmed with it. I had never grown mor
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The Splendours Of Spinach
Spinach is probably one of the easiest crops you can grow in the veg garden, yet it has a reputation for bolting quite quickly. However, if you’re clever with what varieties you grow and where you grow it, spinach can be cropped on the plot for 12 mo
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Do It Now
The glut is coming fast and you may be tempted to leave pods to grow into monsters on the plant. This will stop new pod formation, so keep picking while pods are tender if you want to keep plants productive for as long as possible. Pick up any bits a