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Simmer Down Now

ot all sweating sessions are created equal. Planned ones (read: a boxing class) can boost your mood, while unplanned drippiness can like to call “swanger”—anger caused by sweat. Unfortunately, however, being swangry can easily escalate: If you’re the type to get annoyed by unwanted dampness, your heart rate can speed up, releasing stress hormones that cause you to perspire even more. Caught in the vicious cycle? Cool down by imagining the beads in a happy context—say, while relaxing on the beach—to lower your stress response. Or practice deep breathing (in for a count of four and out for six), as longer exhalations are known to decrease heart rate. You could also steal one staffer’s trick: Tickle your arm to give yourself goose bumps. Sorta weird, but hey, if it works…

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