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—you get those ideas. But few fitness terms are as misunderstood as . That’s why Mike Fitch, the 39-year-old trainer who created the Animal Flow bodyweight training method eight years ago, is never surprised when people ask what it is. And he knows how to answer. “Mobility is flexibility with stability,” he says. Flexibility, Fitch explains, is passive. Stretch your arm behind your

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Measles Is Only The Beginning
ISRAEL ROSMAN seems like someone you can trust. Some of that is his rekel, a long coat worn by Hasidic men that evokes a religious connection. But some of it is his round, kind face sporting round, wire-frame glasses, so that sometimes it seems like
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“I Got Sober And Found A New Kind Of Friendship.”
WHEN I GOT SOBER in 2017, my new AA sponsor, a tall, goofy painter named Kip, invited me to a men’s stag meeting in the basement of a church in downtown Los Angeles. I arrived early, shook some hands, and sat nervously in the circle of folding chairs
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The Users’ Guide To Lube
IF WE HAD TO GUESS, we’d say you’re probably not using lube—well, for anything other than your car or your bike chain. We know the excuses: It’s sticky; it’s messy; it tastes bad; it’s just for the olds. That may have been true decades ago, but today