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How To Market Masculinity
EARLIER THIS YEAR, Gillette released two videos, one addressing toxic masculinity, bullying, and sexism head-on and another featuring a transgender man being taught to shave by his father. These are a far cry from the ads I remember from my childhood
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Belly Off! 100 Down
AGE: 26 LOCATION: San Francisco, CA OCCUPATION: Regional manager, information technology BEFORE WEIGHT: 349 AFTER WEIGHT: 245 I played sports in high school and college, but afterward I focused on work and didn’t get outdoors much. The problem was th
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Seven Steps to Amazing Abs
HERE’S A SECRET about six-pack abs: You don’t actually need six cubes of muscle in your abdomen to live a happy and productive life. You do, however, need an all-around great core workout if you want to fix your posture, avoid injury, and, oh yeah, l