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Holiday keepsake

f you’re like me, the first thing you do when you return from a holiday is run to the computer to start sifting through all of the pictures you have taken. Often, though, you might give them a small edit and upload a few

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Get Creative With Colour And Blur
Making interior shots look exciting isn’t always easy, especially if the architecture is utilitarian. While there’s no denying that beauty can be found in the mundane, with just a little Photoshop prowess you can take control of the overall appearanc
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Canon EOS RP £1,399/$1,299 You’d expect a mirrorless camera to be relatively slim but, in this case, the RP is much smaller than the 6D Mk II and a whole 280g lighter. The downsizing comes with compromises. The relatively small battery only lasts for around 250
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Bag A Bargain EOS 5D Mark III Today
RELEASED: 2012 PRICE NEW: £2,999/$3,499 (body only) BUY AT MPB.COM TODAY: ‘Excellent’ £1,059/$1,449 ‘Good’ £964/$1,279 “As soon as it was released, the Canon EOS 5D Mk III became an instant classic. With improved autofocus over the 5D Mk II, plus inc