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his country lane scene has some positive aspects, mainly the great leading lines and the texture in the tracks, as well as some lovely coloured moss; but the camera hasn’t exposed it correctly, because the sky area behind

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Digital Camera World2 min read
Rainy-day Portrait
Rain and portraiture are often not two words you hear mentioned in the same sentence, but when the two work together, they hit the spot – as this image shows. Lize Hill says it was not a complicated setup: “I simply went into the garden and shot back
Digital Camera World1 min read
Perspective And Focal Length
It is the distance that you shoot from rather than the focal length that determines the perspective effect in a photo. When you’re using a long focal length, you have to stand further away from the subject in order to frame it in the same way as you
Digital Camera World1 min read
Compression Distortion
There are a couple of benefits to shooting portraits from a distance. Facial features are kept in proportion, leading to more flattening results. It’s also easier to isolate a person from their surroundings. Try a focal length of 50mm (full-frame equ