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What You Said About...
TIME’S PERSON OF THE YEAR picks always spark spirited conversations, and the magazine’s 2021 choice of Elon Musk was no exception. Perhaps the most notable back-and-forth occurred on social media, with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts D
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Massimo Bottura
CHEF MASSIMO BOTTURA DIDN’T BRING HIS chef’s jacket to the photo shoot. Which is just as well, considering that simple chef’s whites could never convey what this exuberant bon vivant has become since opening the doors of his three-Michelin-starred, t
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Shonda Rhimes’ Second Act
Shonda Rhimes and I are deep into a conversation about what makes a healthy work environment when she has to stop me from saying something ridiculous. I’ve been waxing indignant about the professional world’s unfair assumption that employees with kid