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Why Good Design Matters The evolution of product from mere tool to aesthetic object

Following World War II, nearly all the world’s major industrialized powers were in ruin following the global slaughter; only America’s infrastructure had stayed intact, though it had just emerged from nearly two decades of economic depression and war.

But America was in a rejuvenated consumerist mood, and the Marshall Plan helped Europe and Japan rebuild swiftly. Suddenly, citizens of

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I have made a terrible mistake. Gallons of gasoline spew wildly, spectacularly, apocalyptically out of the Ford police cruiser. As I dash to stop the potential conflagration—my ears abuzz with furious hornets, my vision narrowing with the dreaded ros
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The First First Test
It’s not every day that a company buys a valuable heirloom, an actual piece of its history. But as MotorTrend lights 70 candles on its birthday cake, it’s this car—this obscure frog-green 1949 Kurtis we recently purchased—that’s being wheeled up as o
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Three Challenges The Mid-engine Presented
Everything about building a mid-engine car was new to the C8 development engineers. There’s virtually nobody left from the earlier mid-engine Corvette programs (or even the Pontiac Fiero team) to consult with, so the C8 team pretty much had to benchm